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The advantage of PPC is that, unlike SEO, you can start running your ads on immediately. There’s no waiting for a search engine algorithm to scan your site and slowly move it up Google’s rankings. If a well managed SEO campaign is the equivalent of growing your own garden to feed your family, PPC is the gourmet restaurant up the street that is open 24/7. A well managed, efficient PPC Campaign is a great idea in a number of scenarios:

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SEO + PPC is a match made in heaven.. While the other is a long term strategy & is process intensive, the other gives off instant result & is fully under your control!

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I have used their services for our website’s SEO campaign and  the service is excellent. Local SEO efforts have tripled (or more) our call volume.

Charles D.
Company India

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“Local SEO has done an excellent job and brought value to my law firm far in excess of my expectations!”

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